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Camping Equipment and Campcraft Skills - Activity Sheets


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Scouting Outdoor Camping Equipment
and Campcraft Skills Scenes

( Illustrations for poster boards )

In this section we present a series of images that depict campcraft scenes that can be used to build "Display Boards" for recruiting activities, or as an aid for explaining these particular skills. These images are suitable for printing at full size or could be reduced to form graphics for other projects. They also make great coloring pages for Cub age scouts!

There are four series of images in this series: Campfires, Camp Cooking and Stoves, Backpacks and Sleeping bags, and Tents and Shelters. These images are great to teach basic scouting skills. We will add to these as more images become available!

Scouts learn outdoor fire building skills Campfire Types and Tools Scenes

  • Teepee Style Campfire
  • Log Cabin Style Campfire
  • Trapper Style Campfire
  • Star Style Campfire
  • Reflector Oven Campfire
  • Campfire Pot Holder
  • Scouts learn outdoor cooking skills Camp Cooking and Stoves Scenes

  • Camp Food Preparation Area
  • Camping Mess Kit
  • Camping Cooking Skillet
  • Camp Cooking Pot
  • Camp Utensils & Plate
  • Solid Fuel Camp Stove
  • Gas Canister Camp Stove
  • Primus Camp Stove
  • Canned Fuel (sterno) Camp Stove
  • Scouts learn outdoor fire building skills Backpacks and Sleeping Bag Types

  • External Frame Backpack
  • Internal Frame Backpack
  • Day Pack and Hiking Gear
  • Rucksack for Day Hikeing
  • Open Sky Camping and Sleeping Bag
  • Summer Sleeping Bag
  • Scouts learn outdoor fire building skills Tent and Shelter Types and Scenes

  • Pub-Tent 2 man - open front
  • Ridge Tent 2 man
  • Backpacking Mountain Tent - Triangle
  • Backpacking Mountain Tent - Tunnel
  • Army General Purpose Small Tent
  • Army General Purpose Medium Tent
  • Modern Light Backpack Tents
  • Low-Rise, Lean-To Tent
  • Primitive Tarp Shelter
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