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Kids Reading Stories

( Printable Bedtime story sheets for kids of all ages)

Our printable Kids Reading Story sheets are categorized and feature various subjects and classic tales Each kids reading story sheet is unique and many include pictures that may be shown to display the story or colored before or after reading. These make wonderful short kids bedtime stories that can be printed and easily read in just a few minutes. All reading stories will include some picture or images that go along with the story to make these classic stories a truely memorable time for your child (or class).

We are adding to our Kids Reading Story collection all the come back and see what new items we have! Browse around, and then print as a few of our FREE printable bedtime stories, at home ...(or to share with your classroom, or Sunday school class)!

Bedtime Reading Story Sheets

Lesson Stories - Stories with a Moral

  • Drakestail
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • A Bunny's Tail
  • Cockletop's Pride
  • The Bunny Grays
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs reading story

    Fairy Tales and Stories

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Puss in Boots
  • Mr. Merry's Zoo
  • Surprise in Animal Land
  • The Goose Girl
  • The Three Little Gnomes
  • The Happy Rattle
  • The Talking Lollipop
  • The Night Before Christmas poem story

    Holiday Stories

  • Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • The Surprise Christmas Tree
  • The Velveteen Rabbit
  • The Christmas Feast
  • The Christmas Packages
  • Easter Bunny
  • The Easter Lilies
  • The Story of Noah and the Ark

    Old Testament Bible Stories

  • The Story of Adam and Eve
  • The Story of Noah and the Ark
  • The Story of Hagar and Ishmael
  • The Story of Abraham and Isaac
  • The Story of Jacob
  • The Story of Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors
  • The Dreams of a King
  • The Mystery of the Lost Brother
  • The Story of Moses
  • The Story of the Grapes of Canaan
  • The Story of Gideon and His Soldiers
  • The Story of Samson, The Strong Man
  • The Story of Ruth, The Gleaner
  • The Story of David, The Shepherd Boy
  • The Story of David and The Giant
  • The Story of Joseph and Mary

    New Testament Bible Stories

  • The Story of the Angel by the Altar
  • The Story of Jesus,the Babe of Bethlehem
  • The Story of the Three Wise Men
  • The Story of turning Water into Wine
  • The Story of the Child in the Temple
  • The Story of the Woman at the Well
  • All of our Kids Reading Story sheets are easily printable (without advertisements) from your "local" printer (one attached to your computer). Most bedtime story sheets have a button or link that is marked "Print" or "Print this Page". All pages are configured for best viewing and print capabilities using the MS-IE (Microsoft, Internet Explorer) browser ver 6.0 or higher.