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Caribbean Pirates Coloring Pages - Kids Activity Sheets


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Caribbean Pirates of the Sea Coloring Pages

You have selected the Caribbean Pirates of the Sea coloring page sheets. These pirate coloring pages are fun to color and learn about the famous Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, especially if you like adventure stories about pirates, treasure, ships, and boats.

pirates coloring pages
pirates coloring pages

Caribbean Pirates of the Sea coloring page sheets

  • Scanning the Sea
  • Searching for Plunder
  • Sail on the horizon
  • A Rich Prize Galleon
  • The Pirate Captain
  • Pirate with knife in his teeth
  • Pirate Man
  • Pirate with a hook and carrying a sord
  • Pirates sword and knife
  • Pirate Dagger
  • Pirates sword and knife
  • Burning Ship
  • Ghost ship set adrift
  • Treasure Chest
  • Drawing a Treasure Map
  • Treasure Map
  • Buried Treasure
  • Pirate Cave
  • Stranded Pirate
  • Swashbuckling Pirate
  • Pirate Jean Lafitte
  • Pirate François l'Olonnais
  • Pirate Henry Morgan
  • BlackBeard the Pirate
  • Captain Kidd was called a Pirate
  • Captain Kidd and the bucket mutuny
  • Captain Kidd - the good Pirate
  • Captain Kidd Trial
  •   Additional Pirate Coloring pages, Activities, and Stories.

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