Drakestail     /p4

The King's ministers tackled Drakestail and forced him into a serving dish. Deep in the dish Drakestail feverishly chanted, "Wasp's Nest, Wasp's Nest, call your battalion or Drakestail will soon be served up with scallions!"

My friend Wasp's Nest led the swarm to attack all enemy hands so they could not strike back! Unknown to the palace and all those inside, the King was allergic to Wasp's poisonous sting. Swollen and heavy he met his demise, and the ladies and gentlemen broke out in cries!

These cries were full of surprise and joy, for planted on the royal throne was the kingdom's Viceroy! They took the newly polished crown and placed it on that of Drakestail, whom it fitted like wax.

Thus he became King. "And now," said he after a special ceremony, "ladies and gentlemen, let's go to supper. I am so very hungry!"