The Bunny Grays     /p1

Mrs. Mary Jones lived in a fine house with a big yard and garden. One day she said to her gardener, "James, I wish you would rake the leaves of the tulip bed. I think the tulips will soon be coming up."

James went to the tool shed, found a rake, and began to rake the leaves off the tulip bed.

"My, oh me!" he exclaimed. For he saw six little baby bunnies near the teeth of his rake.

He lifted one little rabbit up by the ears and said, "You poor little thing, your eyes aren't open yet, and you are shivering with cold and fright. Dear me, you are nearly all ears! I am very sorry I raked away your cover of leaves."

Then he put the little helpless bunny back into the nest with the other babies and went to the house to tell Mrs. Jones.

Now Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Gray were sitting under one corner of the tool shed and heard what James said. They knew Mrs. Jones was not their friend and were quite sure what she would tell James to do with their babies.

So they immediately sent out an S. O. S. call to Mrs. Tabby Cat who was sitting on the garden fence.

"Save, oh save! Our babies are in danger!" called the frightened parents. Contrary to public opinion, Mrs. Tabby Cat was a great friend of the Bunny Gray family. She caught the message immediately and ran to the tulip bed.

Scratching away the leaves with her soft paws, she caught one bunny baby by the nape of the neck and held it very carefully but firmly with her teeth as she ran to the corner of the tool shed and deposited it at its parents' feet. Then she hurried to bring the others, one at a time.