The Easter Lilies     /p1

There were many Easter-lily plants on the long table in the flower shop. They were tall, graceful plants with many beautiful white blossoms and dark green leaves. The flower pots were wrapped in silver and purple paper, and tied with wide white ribbons. When the florist put them on the long table, she had room for all except one.

The lone lily plant that was left over was a short, stubby plant with only one blossom.

"I will put this one in the back room," said the florist. "I am sure no one would want to buy this one. The flower is pretty, but it is not tall enough to be beautiful."

The extra plant was put into the back room. Instead of being glad it was Easter day and trying to look beautiful, the little lily plant drooped in sorrow. All the other lilies would be spending Easter day in churches and homes, with everyone admiring their beauty, while the small plant stayed all alone in the back room of the flower shop.

Suddenly the door burst open. Two little girls and a boy came in and stood around the plant.

"This is what we want!" said one of the girls. "All of the other lilies are too tall. We want a small one to put beside our mother's bed, so she can look right into the flower while she is getting well."

The florist said, "You may have this little plant. I hope it makes your mother very happy."

The little lily plant lifted its drooping head, and stood straight and lovely. It was proud to be able to spend Easter day making someone happy.