Easter Bunny     /p1

Mr. Easter Bunny, with the help of Mrs. Bunny, had all the Easter baskets ready to deliver to the good children. Spunky, the smallest member of the Bunny family, was hopping around in great excitement.

"I want to help! I want to help!" Spunky cried.

"What can a small bunny like you do?" laughed Mr. Easter Bunny.

"There are some toys left. I would like to put them in the baskets," said Spunky.

"Very well," agreed Mr. Bunny. "I'll go and eat another carrot so I won't get hungry before morning. You put the rest of the toys in the baskets."

Spunky was delighted. He hopped about, putting a girl-bunny toy in one basket, a boy-bunny toy in another, chicks and ducklings and doll-eggs in others.

"Come and see!" he called to Mr. Bunny."

"Oh, Spunky!" cried Mr. Bunny. "You have them all mixed. Didn't you see the tags on the baskets? You have boy-bunny toys for girls and girl-bunny toys for boys."

Spunky was dejected, but only for a moment. He hurried and changed the toys around so the boys got boy-toys and the girls got girl-toys. And he finished just a minute before Mr. Easter Bunny was ready to take the baskets.

"You did that very well," said Mr. Bunny to Spunky. "Next year you may help deliver them."

Spunky was so happy that he hopped high into the air. He landed on a Easter basket. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny laughed.

"Be careful, Spunky," they told him, "or we will deliver you for an Easter toy."