The Christmas Packages     /p1

"One more week and Christmas will be here," said Ginny to her brother Jack. "Let's wrap our presents!"

Jack agreed. So they tiptoed into the playroom. From the closet they carried the boxes in which they had put the gifts they had bought or made for their father and mother and for aunts, uncles, and cousins. From a drawer in their toy chest Jack took packages of wrapping paper, Christmas seal, tags, and colored ribbons.

Ginny started to wrap white and red tissue paper around an apron she had made in school for her mother. Jack wrapped the tool rack he had made for his father.

Suddenly Ginny grabbed one of the packages not yet wrapped. She held it behind her. She began to back out of the room.

"What's the matter?" asked Jack.

"Never you mind!" said Ginny; "just don't look."

In a few minutes she was back again, wrapping more gifts. Soon Jack and Ginny had a pile of pretty Christmas bundles. All of them had bright colored seals and tags.

Soon Jack was all through with his task. He put his packages in a row and counted them. He looked puzzled.

"That's strange," he said, "I have eight packages, but I should have only seven." He pointed to one of them, saying, "I don't remember what this one is."

Genevieve looked, then wailed: "That's the bottle of perfume I bought for Aunt Ann. You have it marked for Cousin Ed!"

"Well, we can't open it up now," said Jack. "The tag says 'Do Not Open Before Christmas.'"

They both laughed as they imagined Cousin Ed's reaction to receiving a bottle of perfume.