Surprise in Animal Land     /p5

"Would you like two rabbits for your dinner?" he asked. "I haven't eaten any rabbits lately, and I'm hungry," said Mr. Fox, smacking his lips. "Then come with me," said Mr. Porcupine, and they started off.

Now Mr. Squirrel who was up in a tree outside Mr. Fox's house heard everything that had been said. Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit were his friends, but he didn't like Mr. Porcupine very much, and he didn't like Mr. Fox at all. He must stop them. "I cannot let Mr. Fox harm my friends," Mr. Squirrel said to himself. "I must run as fast as I can to find Bambi, the deer! I know he will help me." Off he scampered taking a familiar path through the woods.

"This is very bad," said Bambi when he heard the news. "It must not happen! I can run faster than you. Jump on my back, and we will go at once to warn the rabbits!" Bambi bounded away with Mr. Squirrel on his back. The rabbits and the crow were playing with the balloon. When Bambi and Mr. Squirrel told them about Mr. Fox, the rabbits hurried to their underground home. Mrs. Crow flew to the top of a big tree; Mr. Squirrel scurried partway up and hid behind some thick branches and Bambi hid in the bushes.