Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs     /p2

But again the wicked queen asked her mirror, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?" "Be content, oh queen, you are beautiful. But Snow White who lives with the seven dwarfs is a thousand times fairer than you." said the mirror. So the queen found out that Snow White was alive!

She went to an old witch who gave her a delicious-looking apple. But the apple was full of poison and anyone who ate of it was certain to die. The queen dressed herself to look like a peasant woman and went to the dwarfs' house. Snow White took the fruit offered her and bit into it. And what happened? She immediately fell dead. The wicked queen smiled to herself and disappeared into the forest.

The seven dwarfs found Snow White when they came home that night. They were very sad. They made glass coffin, and tenderly laid Snow White in it. The coffin was then carried to a clearing in the forest. There they stood watch over it day and night.

One day a rich young prince rode past and saw the sweet and beautiful Snow White. He asked the dwarfs if he might take her to his palace. They could not refuse the prince, but they were all sorry to think that they would never see Snow White again.

Servants of the prince lifted the coffin and started to carry it away. Suddenly one of the servants tripped over tree stump. The jolt loosened a piece of apple in Snow White's throat. She opened her eyes and looked around in great surprise.

Snow White was alive again! The seven dwarfs jumped up and down, and shouted with joy! The prince asked Snow White to marry him. He took her to his own country and there they lived happily ever after!