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Children of the World
Paper Doll Cut-Out Sheets

Enjoy this collection of International paper doll cut-outs that provide a range of cultural/traditional costumes from various countries. Here we have paper doll cutouts of children from around the world dressed in local costumes.

These make a great learning aid or activity, print as many of our FREE printable cut-outs as needed, at home ...(or for your entire classroom)!

Paper Doll - Cut Out Sheets

  • Alaskan Female Doll
  • Argentine Male Doll
  • Burmese Girl Doll
  • Male Chinese Doll
  • Female Chinese Doll
  • Female Dutch Doll
  • Male Eskimo Doll
  • French Female Doll
  • Female German Doll
  • Hawaiian Female Doll
  • Indian Couple
  • Italian Female Doll
  • Japanese Girl
  • Korean Male Doll
  • Mexican Male Doll
  • Mexican Female Doll
  • Nika and Ivan Norwegian Dolls
  • Norwegian Female Dolls
  • Scottish Female Doll
  • Swedish Female Doll
  • Male Swiss Doll
  • Paper Doll - Cut Out Sheets


    Paper Doll - Cut Out Sheets