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Dot to Dot Pages - Connect the Dots Coloring activity sheets


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Dot to Dot Pages - Level 45 - High Advanced Designs

Connect the Dots Coloring page sheets

Here is a great collection of Dot to Dot pages that require High Advanced Designs skill level.

Also remember that once the dots have been connected, you have a coloring page ready to be colored!

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Connect the Dots Pages - Horse

Dot to Dot Page - Elephant

Dot to Dot - Level 45

High Advanced Designs
Connect the Dots / Follow the Dots

Numbered Dots: up to 45 dots -
* Partial scene or object hidden / (more) Small Dots / Fine Lines

  • 1 - A horse in the barnyard
  • 2 - A cow in the pasture
  • 3 - An elephant on ice skates
  • 4 - A pelican
  • 5 - A camel
  • 6 - A toy duck
  • 7 - A dog sitting up in a chair
  • 8 - A rooster crowing at sunrise
  • 9 - A bear drinking a bottle of soda
  • 10 - Toy soldier and cannon
  • 11 - Toy clown
  • 12 - A new dress for a girl
  • 13 - A boy juggling balls
  • 14 - A little boy in a uniform that's too big
  • In Follow the Dots (dot to dot) the more dots in the drawing page, the more challenging the activity sheet. Dot to Dot pages make a great way to teach counting and basic drawing of shapes.

    All of our Dot to Dot pages are easily printable from your "local" printer. Print several Dot to Dot pages to have available for your kids or class. Connect the dot pages are fun for kids to learn.