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The Ride of Paul Revere
On the night of April 18th, 1775, British troops in Boston set out to seize a cache of arms from the American "Minuteman" militia that were stored in Concord and Lexington. American colonists had suspected that such a raid might occur and set up a pre-arranged signal using lanterns in the steeple of the Old North Church to signal the British intentions. "One if by Land and Two if by Sea", were the words used in the Longfellow poem to describe the signal system.

Paul Revere and two other riders received news of the British march and set out to warn the colonists that the British "Regulars" were marching, and more importantly warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were coming to arrest them. Revere reached Lexington but was captured by the British before reaching Concord. The other riders completed their rounds and warned the colonists who confronted the British at "The Old North Bridge" in Concord. This battle marked the beginning of the American Revolution and was later described as "The shot heard around the world".