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Columbus Day Coloring Pages - Kids Activity Sheets

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Reconstructions of the Santa Marķa

Columbus Day coloring pages are a fun way to learn about the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas and his voyages to the New World.

Columbus Day Coloring page

Interest in reconstructing the Santa Marķa started in the 1890s for the 400th anniversary of Columbus's voyage. The 1892 reconstruction depicted the ship as a nao. A subsequent replica built in the 20th century (pictured above) depicts the Santa Marķa as a caravel. The caravel did not have the high forward structure of the nao. Apparently Columbus himself referred to the Santa Marķa as both a nao and a caravel in his own journal. The 1992 reconstruction of the Santa Marķa is also as a nao, which is the most commonly accepted type of ship.

Columbus Day coloring pages are a popular activity for early school children to learn about the history of this day.